Episode 45

Example for How to Increase Restaurant Sales $250K in 1 Year

Published on: 4th May, 2022

I’m out of my comfort zone and talking about increasing restaurant sales by $250,000 a year without marketing. While increasing sales is usually thought to be a good thing, for a lot of restaurant owners, higher sales are usually a race to outpace bad operational practices. But if you know your breakeven point and can get your expenses to line up just right, you can take real advantage of every extra dollar that comes in your restaurant. How? That is exactly what I’m going to cover in this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula. I am going to explain the concept of the breakeven point and how it is the measuring stick to determine when your higher sales are benefiting your bottom line. I am also going to show you how you can make as much as $.25 to $.40 on every dollar and still have freedom from your restaurant. If you have goals for growth, even as much as $250,000 in one year, this episode will serve as a plan for reaching those goals. The only thing stopping you is your willingness to do the work necessary to reach those goals. Start by getting your pencil and paper ready to take notes and do some match while you listen to this episode.

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