Episode 27

Ideas to Save on Restaurant Labor and Food Cost

Published on: 25th August, 2021

Restaurant Pricing Strategies to Save Your 2021 -- Welcome to week 4 million of living in a pandemic while owning a restaurant. This week, I’m talking about a major issue for restaurants right now: the shortage of food and the resulting increase in prices. What you’re paying for products right now is going through the roof, one of the largest increases in food distribution pricing in decades. The struggle to find employees continues as well. Your food distributors are a good example of this – sales managers are making deliveries! To deal with this right now, I've been coaching my members to attack their menus. Your menu is the key to the labor shortage and your product prices. Tune into this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula to hear stories about restaurant owners I work with week to week and the changes they’re making. I tell you about how they're reducing their menu sizes, how they're attacking the menu and getting creative, how they're figuring out how to reduce prep and simplify their operations, how they can make changes on the fly during a shift to save the kitchen, do less with fewer employees, and continue to keep customers happy and loyal.

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