Episode 55

What a Typical Restaurant Software Tech Stack Includes

Published on: 21st September, 2022

These days running a restaurant comes with a lot of technology. Starting with the most important, there is the POS system followed by website and social media management. After that, take your pick! Tech is available for reservations, online ordering, third-party delivery, scheduling, waitlists, loyalty program, food and beverage management, food safety, payroll, accounting, team communication, it’s honestly endless. Whatever tech you us, it is referred to as a tech stack. Times have changed since my family had its restaurant in the early 1980s when all you had to do was focus on delivering a great guest experience! In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I break down what I love about restaurant software and all the ways it can support you in the goals you have for your restaurant and your life. I offer my recommendation for how to make the most of technology and the pitfalls of relying on it too much. Lastly, I touch on overcoming the fear of the unknown, which is a major factor in using technology but also something that can hold you back.

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